Our Strategy

“When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat” – Ronald Reagan

Hold the lawmakers accountable

Our proven strategy — grassroots activism
With careful research and our “Candidate Survey Program”, Wyoming Freedom develops a ‘Specific Index’ for elected officials and we report those results.

We  also monitor proposed legislation and votes — we can then inform voters and mobilize the grassroots to support, oppose, or modify proposed legislation.

Who are the grassroots?
Our fast-growing membership is made up of individuals that agree on one simple principle — that government policy should not destroy the basic freedoms that the constitution guarantees.

Grassroots and “Issue Advocacy”
Wyoming Freedom is an issue advocacy organization also known as “grassroots lobbying”. This form of public education and mobilization is the most defined and protected form of political free speech.
We do not endorse any particular candidate, nor do we support any political party, therefore the courts have consistently affirmed the first amendment protections for “issue advocacy” organizations like Wyoming Freedom.

Wyoming Freedom lobbies for sound policy that protects the rights of the citizens.
We believe if the voters are properly informed — the politicians who pursue a big government agenda — without regard for the rights and needs of their constituents, will either change their minds, or voters will opt for politicians who more closely match their values.

The people are not served well by a manipulation of the political process by a self serving ruling class, be it big-government politicians or the special interest lobbyists hell bent on a dangerous big government agenda – Wyoming Freedom is the only advocate organization of its kind fighting against those that want full control over you and your family.